The material

The material The material presented in a grant provides stepbystep training of the child which level of development corresponds to years, irrespective of its real age.

For realization of this purpose the following tasks are set.

The organization of the fullfledged and satisfying children of communication, Compensation at children of the difficulties of development caused by lack of a family.

Implementation of the differentiated approach to the children having different degrees of delays in mental development and placed in one group.

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In fig. some

In fig. some Some children in the presence of parents cannot concentrate and if parents are not present in the room, concentrate attention better.

Even if it so, you need all the same to carry out at least part of occupation together with the child.

In fig.

some special receptions of the help to the child with a cerebral palsy, and also the wrong ways of the treatment of such child are shown.

That it is not necessary to do and why It is necessary to understand that when you hold the kid or are engaged with him, to avoid the wrong influences not less important, than to master the correct.

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And still: never

And still: never The indignation, as well as all other negative emotions is a form of expression of fear which constrains our energy.

As soon as you learn to perceive the next problem as new fascinating test, as one more curious lesson you will notice at once that problems at you became twice less.

And still: never try to deal with the problem alone.

Remember that the Founder always near you is also ready to come to the rescue to you.

The spirit is capable even to turn rage into love.

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I already

I already I add Here two pieces, divide equally.

Svetik Vasya take one slice.

Itself meanwhile takes a big segment and pushes small to Vasya.

I already wanted to interfere and tell that so is not honest.


Svetik: Vasya take this slice.

No, choose to yourself any slice!

I saw, what internal effort was made by Svyatoslav, allowing the brother to make an independent choice.

And it is not important that thus it continued to push to Vasya a small segment.

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So do not give

So do not give So do not give in to temptation and do not compare it to children of your friends or to his brothers and sisters.

No matter, what is the time it will be required for achievement of result, it is important to encourage aspiration of the child to be independent and to give it the chance to study with a speed suitable for it.

For example, the child with a cerebral palsy will need more time to learn to keep balance in a sitting position therefore it is more difficult for it to relax, sitting on a pot, and to understand that from it it is required.

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We seek

We seek That is, statement of the purpose and a way to its achievement inevitably transform the person.

We seek to help the child to find the available purpose, understanding, as it will undergo transformation.

But the main thing to help the child to see the purpose, to believe in its achievement, the rest will be made by a way and the nature.

Only remember that it has to be ITS purpose conducting to its selfrealization.

Do not hurry, do not bend, give chance most to understand everything and even to make own mistakes.

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Here I could

Here I could We also spoke only about it.

And then it was unclear how it resolved?

I very long recovered about it.

At the same time, one that remained, and conception happened.

Here I could put an exclamation mark, but I put an end because news of the come pregnancy in any way on the special did not touch me.

Yes, I, of course, understood that there was something important and serious, but to tell that I felt some elation, it is impossible.

Well, child, well pregnancy That day gave me one more unpleasant surprise.

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